Heath Jordan

Website Design

Over the past 20 years, I have designed or been involved in the design of hundreds of website. I have work with everyone from realtors, real estate agency, lawyers, doctors, pool contractors, travel agents, contractors of all sorts, dogs, stores, non-profits, and fortune 500 companies. Things have changed a lot over the years website used to be static and now they have become responsive. We used to use tables, then javascript came along, and then flash came along and broke the model. CSS was a major improvement, then frameworks were all the rage, and then WordPress came along and change everything. Today WordPress and Responsive Design dominate.

Here are some examples of my recently designed websites:
Lucas Lagoons World’s Top Pool Contractor and Star of Insane Pools: Off the deep end

Sarasota swimming pool contractor

Perpetual Well automatic dog waterer the World’s First Automatic, Self-Filling & Self-Draining Dog Water Bowl!

Brad Tritschler REALTOR Venice Florida real estate

Worlds Top Pool Contractor
automatic dog waterer

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